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Work, comments and collaborations:
Tel: +33 671723640

I am a French photographer based in Lyon, France.

I do some works on my own, like Les temps brisés, Palimpsestes, Les badauds.
I also do photojournalism for The Associated Press since 2007,
and I am the co-founder of Celluloid Photo for commercials.

Grants :

Recipient of the CNAP documentary photography grant in 2022

Exhibitions :

NRW-Forum (Düsseldorf, Germany) - Mythos Tour de France, 2017

Domus gallery (Lyon, France) - Onlookers, 2017

Les Boutographies festival (Montpellier, France) - Onlookers, 2015

Angkor Photo festival (Cambodia) - Onlookers, 2014

Showings :

L'oeil de la photographie - Distraction d’un jour, 2018

Vice - Tour de France profonde, 2016

The Guardian - Gone in a flash, 2015

Slate - Along the road, 2015

GUP Magazine - Along the road, 2015

The Associated Press - Along the road, 2015

The New York Times Lens blog - On the sidelines of the Tour de France, 2014

6 mois - Un moment suspendu, 2014

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